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Horses Off Grid: Riding Lessons and Other Issues

The following post is a sequel to my older post:

Horses - Off grid care and maintenance for Equines

In the previous post I covered such topics as:

  • Cost of buying a horse (about $2000).
  • Vet bills ($11,000+ per year on average).
  • Horse shoes and farrier costs.
  • Feeding your horse.

Basically expect to be spending $15,000 annually on your horse, and that is assuming it doesn't get sick, eat a poisonous mushroom, or get seriously injured and end up with a vet bill of $50,000+.

Basically all you need to know is that horses are super expensive and they get sick/injured regularly.

But there are other issues to consider too.


Do you even know how to ride???

If you don't even know how to ride you have no business buying a horse and trying to use it for transportation when living on your off grid ranch, farm, homestead, cabin in the woods, etc.

You really should learn how to ride first.

And you cannot just read a book, subscribe to a magazine like Horse Sport Magazine or whatever in order to learn how to ride. It doesn't work that way. You need to physically get horse riding lessons or else you shouldn't be even attempting to ride a horse.

So here's one location in Ontario to consider, but if you live in other parts of Canada then you need to research what else is near you.

Claireville Ranch located in Brampton (clairevilleranch.com) offers weekday ($35) and weekend ($40) trail rides, and breakfast rides ($85) which are more suitable for people who just want to try riding a horse and are not ready to commit to lessons. They also teach Western horse riding lessons. 8 lessons will cost between $400 to $440 to $520 depending on whether you want group lessons, semi-private lessons or private lessons. The riding lessons are 30 minutes long.

Note - Their prices might fluctuate from time to time. Last I checked trail rides at Claireville are now $50 each. I suspect the price went up due to the pandemic.

I am going to ask my friend/blogger colleague Rob Campbell if he wants to go riding there sometime. Should be good for some photography and a few blog posts.


So let's pretend you have taken the horse riding lessons, etc. You have the money to buy a horse, pay the vet bills/etc for 25 years (the average lifespan of a horse is 25 to 30 years)...

And you own land, you build a stables suitable for housing a horse (you don't want the stables to burn down either, like Sunnybrook Stables burnt down a few years ago).

Oh and insurance. You will want insurance on the stables.

And you will need a truck and a horse trailer for transporting your horse to the vet.

You have to make the lifelong commitment to being a "horse person". You can't go halfway with this. It is a lifestyle. People don't just go "I am going to buy horses!" one day and then change their mind a few months later. You have to truly commit.

It is a bit like getting married. Or getting a full body tattoo. Or amputating your arm because you didn't like it anymore. You do this and there should be no going back. (Especially if you amputate your arm. That definitely is not growing back...)

When you talk to people who are "horse people" you quickly realize that their horses are a bit like their babies. It is similar to someone who is a cat owner or a dog owner, but more than that. Most cat and dog owners don't spend $11,000 per year just on vet bills. They don't build a huge stables / house just for their cats and dogs. Cat and dog owners don't spend an hour every day mucking out the stables and cleaning their pet's feet. A horse owner has gone over the edge and is in love with their horses so they're willing to muck out the stables every day, even when they're sick or injured, and to clean their horse shoes every day. (This is why a lot of horse owners keep their horses at a stables that rents out space and services. They aren't living off grid with their horses.)

It is a truly serious commitment. You don't just buy horses because "I am going to use them for riding around off grid on my homestead in the woods." You need to be truly and utterly committed to the task of owning and caring for an animal that depends on you to live.

What if you get sick or injured and you forget to go feed your horse because you live alone in a cabin in the woods? Or if you forget to give your horse water. If your horse goes 48 hours without water it will get colic and possibly die. Five days without water and your horse will die of dehydration.

If you're not serious about being a horse owner then you shouldn't bother being one.

Go get a four-wheeler instead if you want something that is low maintenance that can get you around on your off grid property. Leave the horses to the horse people who are seriously in love with these majestic animals.

How Did Las Vegas Become Solar Efficient?

By Ika

In 2017 Las Vegas decided that all facilities and buildings will 100% run on renewable energy. So Las Vegas is on its way to becoming one of the biggest cities in the US that is using solar energy in high percentage. Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps - literally.

Hotels, casinos, and all neon signs make it famous. They never turn off their lights. In addition, all the various devices, machines, and mechanisms in elevators, pools, and other architectural elements use a lot of energy. Poker tables, slot machines, big flashy screens, and lights on various stages for performers, the list goes on. On the other hand, if you want to be a frugal and energy-efficient person, you can always use real money online casino Canada on your smart device. Online services are a great addition to becoming environmentally conscious. But, of course, other users want to have that brick-and-mortar face-to-face casino experience, which is why engineers and architects are always on the lookout for the most efficient energy source, one being solar.

1kw of electric energy made with solar panels on the roof in Las Vegas generates 1 570 kWh per year. The average price of a solar system in Las Vegas is 2.66$ per watt. Every solar panel user in America can claim 26% of the solar system costs as a deduction on tax liability.

Solar Panels for Las Vegas Personal and Business Buildings

Nine and a half years is the estimated time to return the investment in the solar system in Las Vegas, and it shows through utility bill savings. In Las Vegas are numerous businesses that work with solar panels. An average family home that is 2500 square feet uses about 12 815 kWh per year. It leads to the 8.17kW amount of power that the house needs. A House of this size needs 27 solar panels of 300 watts. Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) agreed with the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. Wynn Resorts, MGM Resorts, and Sands Corp can stop using NV Energy. These big Las Vegas businesses use vast amounts of electric energy per year. They are looking for retrieving energy in solar or wind. Wynn Resorts already announced they would use solar arrays to use solar energy as the leading power supplier and turn to it 100% at some point.

Las Vegas – One of the Leaders in the Solar Industry

Solar power from NV energy price is about 48% of megawatt. They can store about 100 megawatts. So NV Energy is a very affordable solution for businesses in Las Vegas.

According to reports, Las Vegas is in the top 10 lists of biggest solar energy suppliers in the US. In addition, Las Vegas is in the top 10 according to annual reports made by Environment America Research and Policy Center. Las Vegas is seventh place in solar energy supply per capita and tenth place in total supply based on the entire city amount.

If you are interested in turning your home or business center into an efficient solar place, that is an intelligent step. In the long term, using solar energy is one of the smartest moves that you can make. It is suitable for the environment, and it is cost-effective.

Off the Grid Internet via Smart Cars

By Ika. Edited by CM.

Cars are getting smarter and more connected. When you are living off the grid, but want access to the internet having a smarter car which is connected to the internet - and has good processing power - might be a more viable solution than having to drive into town every time you want to use the wifi at the local Starbucks or cafe.

The modern technology world is evolving every second. In-car internet has been standard for almost a decade. Integration of the Internet was a groundbreaking moment that was the main priority in the car industry from 2010. and fast-forward to 2021. web browsers are becoming standard in the car industry. In 1970, Ericsson invented in-car phones, from simple dialling and calling to the landline, and cars evolved to have modern technology. Now, almost every new car has an infotainment center that provides you with car diagnostics, music, and videos. But, if you are still looking for something more, built-in web browsers are the thing you're probably in search of during your commutes.
Web Browsing While in the Traffic Jam

According to NHTSA high number of 660,000 drivers are using cell phones in the car at some point in the day. In addition, 36% of drivers use smartphones while waiting at the stop sign, red light, or in a traffic jam. To prevent that, car manufacturers are developing web browsers that are built-in cars. According to Tesla, their in-dash touchscreen browser was the first of that kind as a part of standard equipment. In addition, Tesla has a 17-inch touchscreen tablet that has replaced the classic central console.

Statistics show that people are using web search all day. In the morning, drivers search finance and news site, and later through day entertainment sites. Light reading, games, applications, and social media are visited in the afternoon, especially if you drive something like a Tesla car with such a big screen that it's hard not to use it.

If you are plan to make it a habit, too, you have to have in mind that some of the older car models, especially Tesla cars, may not have enough power to run a bit more demanding website. For example, these guys have tried to play Canadian online slots in the 2013 Tesla Model S, where they found out that its processing internals is not strong enough to run a more demanding online game like those. However, they did hope into a newer 2021 Model 3 afterwards, and there the virtual slot machine worked without any hiccups.
Development of the Internet in Vehicles

At the beginning of adding innovative technology to the cars, IoV consists of sensors and smart terminals. IoV (Internet of Vehicles) created a network of intelligent devices from vehicles and other elements in the environment. Based on that, SIoV got developed - SIoV stands for Social Internet of Vehicles. SUV represents all innovative elements that enable car guidance in real-time. In addition to that, adding web browsers as a standard part of the car equipment is a logical follow-up. Tesla developed a web browser for cars based on Chromium. Chromium is Google's open-source web browser that takes on the popular Google Chrome. Google Chrome is one of the most popular desktop and mobile applications.
Volvo has a web search based on HTML 5, and their web search doesn't allow open animated pictures, videos, or music but provides search information. We will see in what direction Volvo will develop its web search. Some high-class cars will have upgraded internet options soon to stay on track with modern technological evolution. We are sure that the car industry will make web browsers a standard part of car equipment in years to come.

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