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Cooking Grouse, Wild Turkey and Waterfowl

The videos further below are about hunting and cooking Grouse, Wild Turkey and Waterfowl (geese and ducks).

For more about the hunting aspect of this see my previous post on Hunting Grouse, Wild Turkey and Waterfowl.

For best results get a good clean wingshot on the bird, snap the bird's neck to make sure it is dead. Do not use any kind of toxic bullets (or poison tipped arrows) because such substances will foul the meat. (And such things are illegal anyway, so why bother to do something illegal when it will ruin your meal later?)

Grouse, Wild Turkey and Waterfowls all make for great meals and the meat can be preserved in your freezer all year round so you can enjoy wild turkey, goose, duck or grouse for Thanksgiving and Christmas and other events.





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