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How to Make a Shaving Horse

If you love wood working then having a shaving horse bench like the one above is likely on your to do list / want list of items to get or build. It is basically a wooden vise used for carving things, often used in conjunction with a draw knife.

The diagram is pretty self explanatory as to how to build a shaving horse. It is a relatively simple design, it is just a bit time consuming to make.

There are even simpler designs than the one above - like the one below which costs less than $30 to make. You just need wood, nuts and bolts, a hinge, a few wooden pegs, cut the pieces and slap it all together and you are done. The detailed instructions for the $30 shaving horse can be found by visiting http://www.newagrarian.com/2011/07/18/the-thirty-dollar-shaving-horse/ so kudos to him.

Also on my To Do List is a carpentry work table for the garage. Nothing fancy (someone might steal it), but something easy to work on.

And below is an even cheaper way to design and build a shaving horse. Cost you maybe $20 - $25 for the materials and take you even less time to build.

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