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Elf Treehouse

This treehouse looks like something you would see in a Lord of the Rings kind of movie. Elves living in trees et al.

Small Treehouse you can live in

What I like about this particular treehouse design is that it is large enough to live in, but small enough that it won't break your budget building it.

A lot of treehouse designs are pretty darn affordable.

Although they are often difficult to heat in the winter.

In which case buy a 2nd piece of property in Florida and build a 2nd treehouse there.


Glass Treehouse

People are really getting into some pretty innovative ways to build treehouses you can live in using glass.

Just so long as you don't mind the neighbours peeking at you.

Ontario Fish Safe to Eat

Saw this posted near Lake Ontario. I felt it was a quick and easy guide to understanding what various varieties of edible fish look like - and also whether they were safe to eat.

Eating Vegan Off the Grid

Eating vegan off the grid comes down to the basic issue of whether you are any good at gardening. See also my old post Going Vegan Off the Grid.

So lets start with 12 plants that are easy for beginner gardeners to grow:

#1. Lettuce. Extremely easy to grow and harvest. My parents grew their own lettuce in the garden and whenever we needed lettuce during those times of year we could just walk out to the garden, grab whatever lettuce we needed, wash it off in the sink and it was as easy as apple pie! Can be grown indoors.

Growing Plants Indoors
#2. Onions and Green Onions. Also very easy. Easy to harvest too. Green onions can be grown indoors.

#3. Radishes. Can be grown indoors.

#4. Potatoes. Takes a bit more effort to harvest them all, but they last most of the winter if stored someplace cold. Any that sprout by Spring should be replanted to grow more potatoes in the coming season.

#5. Peas. Very easy to grow, but a little time consuming to de-pod them all. Listen to some music while de-podding them.

#6. Beans, including Broad Beans and Runner Beans.

#7. Mint. So easy to grow you can even grow them in your window sill.

Garlic is easy to grow indoors!
#8. Garlic. Can be grown indoors.

#9. Tomatoes. Can be grown indoors.

#10. Beets / Beetroots.

#11. Peppers. So easy to grow you can grow them indoors.

#12. Basil and Parsley. Can be grown indoors.

If you live in a city it is pretty much impossible for you to "live off the grid", but you can live in a neighbourhood that is very friendly to vegans. eg. If you live in Toronto's Vegan Village then you will have easy access to the many neighbourhood restaurants and grocery stores like the raw vegan restaurant Rawlicious or the grocery store The Sweet Potato.

Yes, you could try growing foods indoors in your home - but unless you live in a large greenhouse you won't be able to grow enough food to feed yourself - let alone a family.

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