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Compound Bow Repairs in Toronto

Hello Toronto / People of the GTA!

So I have been repairing people's compound bows for years now and in August 2017 I started to take the task seriously as a way to supplement my income.

As someone who has been fixing compound bows for years now, *currently owns 34 bows (including 4 compounds)*, builds my own bows and crossbows, I feel like I am bragging when it comes to my credentials. Oh and I taught archery for 8 years professionally and have been doing archery since April 1989.

* My collection varies regularly as I frequently buy new bows, buy old vintage bows, and sell off any bows that I don't use that often.

So if you have a compound bow, whether new or vintage, I can fix it for you. I enjoy fixing them.


$40 per hour + the cost of parts.

Go ahead and compare my rate to what my competitors are charging for repairs.

Contact Info

Email me at projectgridless {atsymbol} gmail .com to learn more.


In addition to repairing your bow, I also frequently take photos of your bow and do a post about how the repairs were executed - this way other people can read how it is done and do it themselves.

I also buy old compound bows for their parts. I offer $20 to $30 per bow, depending on the state of the bow and how much I can salvage from it. (Sometimes there isn't much worth salvaging.)

If the bow is in good working order I will also sometimes buy older compound bows, fix them up and then resell them - or keep them for my personal collection. Email me to learn more.

Below are a few photos of compound bows belonging to clients and also bows from my personal collection.

On the left, a Bear Cruzer belonging to a client. This bow needed to be restrung after being dryfired. They also lost their peep sight.
On the right, my Diamond Infinite Edge - heavily modified. 
I compare both bows in a post titled The Diamond Infinite Edge Vs the Bear Cruzer.

On the left, a 1970 Model T Jennings; On the right, a 1973 Black Hawk Chief Scout
These are two of my favourite vintage compound bows.

Above: Making a few adjustments to the Model T Jennings

"The Red Brute" was an interesting challenge because the client brought me the cams, axles, cables, bowstring and limbs in a jumbled mess in a bag. I had to reassemble almost the whole bow and get it back into working order.

Want to learn more about repairing compound bows?

See my series of ongoing posts titled Compound Bow Repairs.

Happy Shooting!

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Compound Bow Repairs

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