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Building your own Underground Greenhouse

For #300 you can rent a backhoe, dig a hole in the ground, buy some old bricks, wood and plastic - and then build your own Underground Greenhouse for very little actual money.

Whether you build it in a desert or in a forest clearing, an Underground Greenhouse can be used to grow vegetables most of the year... thanks to much of the structure being below the frost level and protected from the elements.

In a more northern climate you can extend your growing season and protect your plants from animals that might eat your veggies.

In a desert environment you can more easily control how much light your plants get, control the water levels inside the greenhouse, and get higher yields than simply planting outside and hoping the plants survive the blistering heat.

Plus the structure protects plants from wind erosion, so they are not robbed of water or nutrients.

The structures were first developed in South America during the 1980s and 1990s, and have since become quite successful because they are both cheap to build and efficient for growing.

Over time you can also add waterproofing, drainage and ventilation - but the end result is a cheap and cost effective greenhouse that is perfect for growing vegetables.

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