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Awesome Treehouse + Toronto blogger's quest for a condo

Check out this awesome treehouse. I would totally live in that.

Plus check out this Toronto blogger's Quest for a Condo. Its not off the grid, but I like the concept.

What he is doing is trading one item for another until eventually he has something valuable enough that he can trade it for a condo.

The beauty of it is that he started with a mere toy. A Hot Wheels car worth $2.

The theory goes that if he can trade up and double the value each time it will take him only 17 trades to eventually get a condo.

But his first trade was for a Digital Multimeter Kit (typical used by electricians to measure currents) worth $50. So that is a 2500% jump in value just on his first trade. Some trade might only be a 20% or 50% increase in value, but if the average is roughly x2 then it will take only 17 trades to get a condo.

I say more power to him!

(Technically him is me, but who says I can't toot my own horn?)

UPDATE: Since then I've traded up to a bicycle. We shall see what happens next.

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