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Bowhunting from a Treehouse

Bowhunters / archers pay attention.

Ever fallen or nearly fallen from a tree stand way up in the tree because you were cold and needed to climb down to get more coffee?

Or just fallen out of the tree for whatever reason, regardless of whether you were cold or if there was hot coffee involved?

Next time, instead of using a tree stand - build a treehouse instead!

Imagine sitting inside your treehouse. Relaxing. Safe from falls. Your coffee handy. Bowhunting magazines to read. Beer if that is what you prefer to drink. And windows from which you can look out as you wait for the deer to pass by.

Maybe even a balcony on which to stand and shoot at the deer.

Well then take a gander below at the collection of photos of bowhunting treehouses various other bowhunters have built over the years. It doesn't even have to be pretty. It just has to work. Obviously you would need to build this on your own property. That should go without saying.

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