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Hello! Project Gridless is dedicated to off the grid living, foraging / hunting / gardening for food, traditional survival skills and modern tips for alternative energy. Please Follow, Subscribe or Like.

Off The Grid groups on Facebook

Ah Facebook...

I admit it seems like an oxymoron to talk about Off The Grid groups on Facebook, but they are a great way to share information with other people who are into off the grid homes and lifestyle. What Facebook does then - despite its on grid face - is bring together a community of Off The Grid people so they can share, compare and dare others to do the same. :)

Oh and share photos of things they have done or built. Like this "Off The Grid Bathtub".

The Off The Grid Global Community Group

Which has over 17,000 members. Wowzers. It has some rules for posting:

1. No off-topic posts.
2. No product or service ads.
3. No motivational posts.
4. Talk to others with respect, love and truth.

Off Grid Friends

Which has over 650 members - again, no posting advertising.

Affordable Off The Grid Community Canada

A Canadian group with 120+ members.

Off The Grid - Eastern Canada

A Canadian group with over 50 members in Eastern Canada.

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