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8 Real Estate Websites that Specialize in Off The Grid Homes

#1. EcoProperty.ca / http://www.ecoproperty.ca/

Eco Property sells a variety of properties for people looking for off the grid homes. "Unique listings of ecological and organic homes, property, farms and ecovillages – for sale, for rent or to share ... also land trusts, land-based projects and opportunities. Urban or rural."

#2. Yakaz.com / http://ca.yakaz.com/housing/off-grid-real-estate-ontario

A real estate listing website where you can browse off the grid homes and properties.

#3. Ontario Kijiji / http://ontario.kijiji.ca/r/real-estate/off-grid-cabin?CatId=34

A classifieds website with a category just for off the grid homes.

#4. Julie Kinnear / http://juliekinnear.com/blogs/off-the-grid-homes-infographic

A Toronto real estate agent who sometimes deals with off the grid properties. (Also helpful if you want to sell your off the grid property in Ontario.)

#5. Cottage Life / http://cottagelife.com/67589/realestate/on-grid-or-off

A magazine about cottage country that regularly deals with off the grid cottages.

#6. Provit / http://property.trovit.ca/off-grid-ontario

Another real estate listing website where you can browse off the grid homes and properties.

#7. Land Watch, Ontario / http://www.landwatch.com/Canada_land_for_sale/Ontario

A website that deals primarily in vacant land real estate, for Ontario and other provinces too.

#8. Cheap land websites...

This isn't a specific website. There is actually a lot of these cheap land websites, often dealing in tiny parcels of undeveloped land that are priced between $5,000 and $50,000. These are my favourites to browse because they give you an idea of what is available in the middle of nowhere, and are available for almost nothing.

A lot of these parcels of land don't have road access and can only be reached via a SUV, 4-wheeler or ATV - or snowmobile during the winter. A few of them however might have summer or even all year road access, and thus have more potential.

Building on a property that has no road access is very tricky. It basically means you have to build it yourself because you can't get a dozen men in there with trucks full of tools, lumber, etc. You would be better off getting a chainsaw, your chainsaw license, and learning how to build a log cabin.

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