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Real Life Nomads in North America

What if you could give up your current life and start a new one?

Start completely fresh in a place where instead of going to the supermarket you gather, fish and hunt for your food?

Some people are deciding to leave it all behind - technology, indoor plumbing, toilet paper... Whatever their reasons they have chosen to avoid modern society in favour of living in the natural world as our ancient ancestors did - by becoming nomads.

So long electronic devices. So long rat race. So long consumerism. So long evil corporations trying to rape the planet.

Instead these people are choosing to live a more 'down to earth' existence, getting in touch with mother earth and learning forgotten ways that were perfected by mankind's ancestors.

One such group is a traveling 'tribe' of young wilderness seekers who have donned leather clothes of their own making, bows and arrows, and look like they could have walked off a movie set about early man.

Now to be fair they haven't completely abandoned civilization. They still sometimes trade / sell their finds / creations for money and use those funds to buy needed supplies, especially tools, medicine and on rare occasions food items (see the photo below of the group in a grocery store).

See the video below to learn more.

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