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How to Prepare your Kids for the Apocalypse

Call it the ultimate in mental time wasting if you want to, but preparing for some form of the Apocalypse (even though it will probably never happen - especially if your mental image of the Apocalypse includes zombies) can actually be a fun exercise and series of activities.

And by fun, I mean it is fun even for kids.

Lets start with the basics:

#1. Teach your kids how to fish. (Note: In Ontario, kids under a certain age don't need a fishing license to fish.)

#2. Teach your kids (when they reach a responsible age) how to make a campfire.

#3. Teach your kids how to cook the fish they caught.

#4. Teach your kids archery. (This will be a handy skill for bowhunting or bowfishing later when they get older.)

#5. Teach your kids how to tie knots. Don't have time? Sign your kids up for Boy Scouts / Girl Guides.

#6. Teach your kids basic woodworking skills.

#7. Teach your kids how to swim.

#8. Teach your kids how to climb trees and rocks.

#9. Encourage your kids to exercise every day. No excuses.

#10. Teach your kids how to conquer their fears by helping them to build confidence.

See my point? A lot of these activities can actually be quite fun.

Taking your kids camping and do all sorts of survival activities will help prepare them for many of the challenges they will face - both in life and during any hypothetical Apocalypse.

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