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"The Girl in the Red Hoodie" - A book about boxing, survivalism, foraging and hunting

"The Girl in the Red Hoodie" is an unusual book and I felt I should mention it on here because the characters in the book end up living "off grid" by the end of the book, using foraging, gardening, fishing and hunting to survive. Plus books are one of the best sources of entertainment when you are living off grid.

The book starts off in January 2020 and presents an alternative history of what happens that year. No COVID. No pandemic. None of that.

Instead the main character, who works at her father's boxing gym and practices boxing, accidentally becomes a vigilante fighting against white supremacists who want to overthrow the Canadian government.

The CN Tower gets destroyed (as evidenced by the front cover of the book).


Nuclear weapons get stolen from an air force base in Alaska.

Nuclear apocalypse.

Russia invades Canada and the USA.

The main character and her family have to survive in the wilderness by foraging, fishing and hunting - which means she has to learn how to do archery too.

It is like Red Dawn meets Rocky meets Rambo meets Robin Hood.



Charles Moffat is a Canadian fantasy author, artist and archery instructor. He primarily writes heroic fantasy, epic fantasy, dark fantasy and sword & sorcery. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two sons. When he is not writing he also enjoys archery, fishing, woodworking and bow making.

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