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The Toronto Archery Club / Archery Lessons in Toronto


The Toronto Archery Club is no longer on Meetup.com, and only found on Facebook.


If you live in Toronto and are looking to get into bowhunting / archery then I have several recommendations for you.

#1. Join the Toronto Archery Club, meet other people who are into archery and bowhunting - which means you can learn hunting tips from your fellow bowhunters. Being a member of a local archery club will get you lots of bowhunting tips and allow you to socialize with other bowhunters.

#2. If you've never done archery before, hire an archery instructor in Toronto. You can get archery lessons in Toronto from CardioTrek.ca or browse some of the other archery instructors available on ArcheryToronto.ca. Having proper archery lessons and learning how to shoot well is a wise investment, regardless of whether you are hunting with a compound or a traditional recurve or longbow.

#3. Get a subscription a bowhunting magazine. There are several different magazines that I recommend:

  • Traditional Bowhunter Magazine (caters to recurve + longbow bowhunting)
  • Bowhunting Magazine (caters to compound bow hunting)
  • TradArcher's World Magazine (caters to traditional archers, including bowhunters)

#4. Join OODMAG's Forum for Bowhunting at http://www.oodmag.com/community/forumdisplay.php?17-Bowhunting. Joining a bowhunting forum certainly is not mandatory, but it is smart to learn from your fellow bowhunters before going on your first hunt. Even better if you can take a more experienced bowhunter or a group of bowhunters with you.

#5. Learn everything you can about bowhunting - both traditional bowhunting techniques and modern bowhunting techniques - from as many sources as you can. These includes local and provincial laws, what you are allowed to hunt and when/where, stalking vs tree stands vs ground blinds, what kind of broadheads to use based on your prey, the benefits of heavier arrows when hunting, etc.

eg. With respect to heavier arrows, they do more damage due to greater momentum. Think of it like this: If someone throws a hammer at you, what do you think will hurt more? A tiny 1/2 lb hammer or a 5 lb hammer? Guaranteed the heavier hammer will do more damage on impact. The disadvantage to heavier arrows is that have a more limited range - but much more power when they hit.

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