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Seven Bizarre Houses

The following homes are examples of DIY projects you could do if you wanted to think "outside the box" when it comes to sustainable architecture / green homes. Many of these homes (including the airplane) were built on a tiny budget.

House on a Tiny Rock Island

Dumpster Home

Flintstones Home

Hobbit Home

Airplane House

Waterfall House

Glass House with many levels.

DIY Dental Care??? Crazy or Feasible?

I recently went to a dentist because I thought I had a chipped tooth but it turned out I just needed a deep cleaning. But the incident got me thinking about what could people do if they are living in the middle of nowhere and don't have access to a dentist.

(Incidentally, the dentist I went to was Archer Dental in Toronto - which according to multiple sources is the best dentist in Toronto.)

If you've ever read any website about DIY Dentistry (google it sometime if you don't know what I am talking about) what you will discover is that the people listing DIY things to do on your teeth are actually brain-dead.

No seriously. They're more than likely brain-dead.

How do I know? Horrible spelling. Grammar mistakes. Plus the kind of advice they were giving sounded like it had been written by a redneck with his two remaining braincells being rubbed together.

eg. One of the DIY Dentistry websites I looked at was claiming "making your own fake vampire teeth" to "putting a crown on your tooth" was basically the same thing. WOW.


I have to say it again. WOW!

Also let me explain what he was recommending putting inside your mouth. Fibreglass and a toxic epoxy. Fibreglass pieces as we all know is so tiny it gets under the skin and causes irritation. If it gets into your lungs it causes all sorts of problems. And this moron was suggesting that you stick fibreglass in your mouth - with a toxic epoxy as the glue!

HOLY **** WOW!

Then there was a different website claiming people could fix chipped teeth using Krazy glue - which is also toxic. The container even has a warning on it of what to do in case you swallow it.

I should point out that not all of this websites are written by braindead rednecks. I have even seen similar articles posted on more reputable websites - but at least they are limiting their advice to things like how to get rid of canker sores.

Want to have nice teeth?

#1. Get dental insurance - you don't have to get it through your workplace. Many insurance companies offer dental insurance for individuals.

#2. Find a nice dentist. I recommend Archer Dental in Toronto. But if you live in the boonies just find the nicest dentist that is nearby.

#3. Brush, floss and use mouthwash daily - brush/mouthwash 2 to 3 times daily, floss once per day, all three, every day.

#4. Eat healthy and your teeth will be happier.

#5. Avoid doing stupid things with your teeth. eg. Fibreglass and toxic chemicals is a bad idea.

Don't want to do these things and still think DIY dentistry is a good idea? Well then you are one crazy MF.

Well then you might as well start carving yourself a pair of wooden dentures now. DIY Dentistry at its Finest.

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