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Black Hawk Bow Models

1972 Black Hawk Avenger
Saw this on another website: http://blackhawkbows.blogspot.ca/p/blog-page.html

I decided to repost in case that website ever gets deleted (which can happen and result in the internet losing valuable info).

If I can add to it in the future and make it better, I will do so.

Black Hawk Bow Models

This is a list of bows made by the Cravotta Brothers.

A lot is not known about all the models, so this will be an ongoing project to find, and list the models and their specs, so check back once in a while to see if anything has been updated.

As you can see, there's a lot of confusion with the decals and model numbers, etc.

Black Hawk Models
  • Chief H304- 1957 Model. Oval limb decal.
  • Chief H672- August 1957 Oval limb decal
  • Chief XC55 August 1959 angle grip Oval limb decal.
  • Yellow Jacket X448- March 1957 Oval limb decal.
  • Yellow Jacket Y706- Oct. 1958 Oval limb decal.
  • Yellow Jacket Y454- March 1957 Oval limb decal
  • Yellow Jacket Y042- June 1958 Oval Limb decal
  • Warrior R101-1956 model Oval limb Decal
  • Warrior W659- 1964 model Rectangle limb decal
  • Warrior W293- April 1963 Rectangle limb decal
  • Warrior R177- 1950's model Oval limb decal
  • Warrior R173 June 1957 Oval limb decal
  • Avenger A-1000-SEC May 1968 Rectangle limb decal- Could SEC means a second? 52" long
  • Avenger March 1971 stamped with the letter "S"- perhaps another second? 52" long
  • Avenger A4765 May 1970 Rectangle limb decal
  • Avenger A1174 Nov. 1974 round Black Hawk & handwritten style decal
  • Avenger A1273 Dec. 1973 Handwritten style limb decal
  • Avenger A1175 Nov. 1975 Round Black Hawk and Round Avenger by Black Hawk decal
  • Avenger A572 May 1972 Round Black Hawk riser decal & handwritten style limb decal
  • Bee N524- Nov. 1956 Oval limb decal.
  • Bee E365- Nov. 1957 Oval limb decal
  • Bee M549-1957 model Oval limb Decal.
  • Bee ?030- 1959 model Oval limb decal.
  • Bee Deluxe Dec. 1974 No limb decal. Hand written style limb decal
  • Short Bee- AB-760-S May 1966 Rectangle limb decal
  • Bee ASB 3657 no date. Longer 70's model Bee. 66" long. Rectangle Limb Decal
  • Wasp S929 1957 model Oval limb decal.
  • Wasp D207 Feb. 1958 Oval limb decal.
  • Wasp D756 March 1958 Oval limb decal
  • Hornet K771- Oct. 1956 Oval Serial# limb decal.
  • Hornet XB165- Aug. 1959 Oval Limb decal
  • Hornet K857- Sept. 1957 Oval limb decal.
  • Short Hornet SH2784- 10/02/1964 Rectangle limb decal.
  • Short Hornet SH1384 - 10/04/1968 Rectangle limb decal
  • Hornet Special 1968 model rectangle riser decal.
  • Hornet Special T/D HS575 Rectangle limb decal
  • Hornet Special H.S.2739 Oct. 1 1964 Rectangle limb decal
  • Brave F923 Jan. 1960 decal unknown
  • Scorpion BS2791- Sept. 1970 Rectangle limb decal
  • Scorpion CS219- 1967 Model Rectangle limb decal
  • Scorpion 2-tone riser 1971 model Rectangle limb decal
  • Scorpion DS3735 Jan. 1969 Rectangle limb decal
  • Scorpion DS430 1968 model. Rectangle limb decal
  • Scorpion BS826 Nov. 1965 Rectangle limb decal
  • Scorpion AS964 March 1964 Rectangle limb decal
  • Scorpion CBS3603 year unknown Rectangle limb decal
  • Scorpion 259 Feb. 1959 Round limb decal
  • Scout Hunter SC234 1970 model Rectangle limb decal
  • Scout Hunter SC159 April 1969 Rectangle limb decal.
  • Firebolt Sept. 1974 no riser decal. hand written style decal
  • Firebolt Aug. 1972 S.L. 52" Hand written style decal.
  • Firebolt Feb. 1972 S.L. 52" Ink stamped on riser: Firebolt by Black Hawk
  • Mosquito 1968 model. Rectangle limb decal. Imitation horn tips.
  • Flea
  • Unknown Ash2521- 1968 model Rectangle riser decal. no limb decal.
  • 650 K355- April 1960 RED/YELLOW oval limb decal.
  • Brave- F286- January 1958 Oval Limb Decal

Black Hawk Galaxie Models
  • Mars- 1973 model round Blackhawk riser decal (possibly inlay), round Galaxie Mars limb decal.
  • Mars- M773 round Black Hawk riser decal, round Galaxie Mars limb decal
  • Mars- M1174 round Black Hawk riser decal, Round Galaxie Mars limb decal
  • Pluto- P2665 1968 model Galaxie rectangle riser decal, round Galaxie Pluto limb decal
  • Venus V874 Dec 1966 Rectangle Galaxie riser decal, round Galaxie Venus limb decal
  • Apollo Aug 1971 Rectangle Galaxie riser decal, round Galaxie Apollo limb decal
  • Nike 575 May 1975 64" Round Galaxie Nike limb decal
Black Hawk also made a variety of models for other manufacturers.
Martin Models
  • Hunter Mark II Feb. 1974 Round limb decal.
Doug Kittredge Models
  • Signature Hunter V773- July 1973
Feline Archery Models
  • Panther Hunter A1074 Oct. 1974 (Black Hawk Avenger made for Feline Archery)
Red Head
  • Thunderbird Feb. 1, 1958

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