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Siberian Tiger got revenge on Hunter who injured it

The story in the video below took place in Siberia (Russia) over a decade ago, but it is an unusual story in which a local hunter injured a tiger and the tiger tracked him 11 km to his home, waited 2 days for him to return, and then got its revenge.

What I find interesting about this particular story is that it is very clear that the tiger went out of its way, despite its injury, to track down the hunter who shot it, wait 2 days for the hunter to return home, and then presumably waited for the man to come outside at which point it stalked him and killed him.

That is a level of patience and dedication that comes from hunters, and to some extent fishermen.

And also apparently... Vengeful elephants who kill people AND show up at their funeral to make sure they are dead. Check out the video below which demonstrates that elephants don't forget.

So yeah... Stay away from vengeful tigers and elephants. Or any animal smart enough to get revenge.

In a related story, I went fishing in High Park (Toronto) yesterday with my family (Father's Day) and I gave up after a short time because I was getting zero bites. Plus it was windy and the water was murkier than usual, so I couldn't even see any fish.

So I lacked the patience to stick it out, partially because it was a family outing, but also partially because I suspected that it was just the wrong time of year to be trying to catch fish there.

A previous time I caught lots of fish in the same location, with the same bait (frozen shrimp), same hooks, same equipment... But that was on August 31st 2018. So I suspect that I just need to be patient and go back in August and/or September and try again.

See the video from the previous time I went fishing in High Park below:

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