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72 Hour Emergency Kit

I found this product online.

It is a "72 Hour 1-Person Emergency Kit" which has a 20 year shelf life and contains a variety of food and water preserved for future emergencies.

If you are into survivalism you could (and should) make these kits yourself, but the concept of a pre-made store bought emergency kit certainly is not a bad thing.

I imagine some people would even stock up on these by the dozen.

12 one-person kits that are good for 3 days each would be 36 days in which people could try and find other sources of food and water.

The food inside a kit like this would best be described as "nuclear bunker food" since it is supposed to be good for 20 years, but you could also stock up other things that are good for a long time so that you have more variety.

Just be sure to tightly seal whatever it is you are stocking up on to avoid moisture, rodents get in there, etc - and to store the containers in a place where they are highly unlikely to be damaged.

After all, if you need them during an emergency it won't do to discover your food supply has been vandalized and eaten by racoons, flooded and gone rotten, or any number of other things that could destroy them somehow.

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