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Five Ways to make a Homemade Bow Press

Wood Homemade Bow Press
So awhile back in October I made a note of writing a post titled "How to Make a Homemade Bow Press". But I never wrote it.

So I thought about it, and since YOU - the readers - might not like a particular design due to the materials I determined it might make more sense to show 5 different ways to make a homemade bow press, that way you the reader can decide which design you like best - and it thus best suits your needs with respect to materials, price, time, etc.

#1. The Steel Bow Press

Below is a nice steel design (and well painted), which tightens using a crank on a threaded piece of metal.

#2. Portable Bow Press

Below is a nice portable design, handy for having in the bush or taking up north to the cabin.

#3. Clamp Bow Press

Who needs a bow press when you have a long clamp? A few minor modifications and it is also good to go, and fairly portable too. The 3rd photo below is the same basic design, but using wood instead of metal for several key parts.

#4. Wood + Weight or Bungee Cord Design

Okay, so the design below uses a bungee cord - but if it was me doing, I would skip the bungee cord and have a slot on the top where you could place dumbbell weights. However no one can deny the design below does work, as that is a compound crossbow with a lot more poundage involved.

#5. Bungee Cord Attachments Bow Press

The design below is very portable, and has a similar design to #2 above, but takes it a step further to make it even more portable.

Extra Note for Fun

Also while I was searching for designs I accidentally found this... which was so awesome I had to save and share it here. Because who doesn't want to shoot a wooden compound bow, wherein even the cams are made of wood.

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