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Bow Scale for Tillering / Bow Making

Okay so one of the things I have done in the past with respect to bow making is that I would not use a bow scale for measuring poundage. Instead I would cheat and use 20, 25 or 30 lb dumbbells - which I admit, is not a very professional way of checking the poundage.

During the bow making course I took two winters ago I determined that having a bow scale is very handy to have - unfortunately they don't really sell bow scales in the vast majority of stores.

Finally, after much time and procrastination, I went online looking for a bow scale and found one on Amazon:

Bow Scale on Amazon

So I have finally put that on my To Buy List - and sent a link to my wife so that she can possibly buy it for Xmas. You know, because it is so hard to buy gifts for me... not really. Handtools or archery equipment = Happy Husband.

So if you are into bowmaking and your family is looking for gift ideas, this is a good thing to add to your Xmas List.

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