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How to Properly Pack a Backpack

Two things first.

One, if you're one of those over-confident jack***es out there who think they can do anything, you probably think you already know how to pack a backpack - and you would be wrong. I pity the fool who thinks he already knows everything.

Two, militaries around the world teach the proper way to pack a backpack - and it is extremely detailed. So pay attention because what you are about to learn could even save a life.

Some of the things you need to take into consideration are:

How to properly fit your pack.

Waterproofing your pack.

Weight Distribution.

Cummerbund (hip) strap.

Efficient use of space.

Logical packing strategy.

Packing Logistics.

"Negligent" Weight.

Necessities vs avoiding excess "stuff".

Remembering the essentials - map, compass, GPS, food, water, knife, multi-tool, etc.

Placement of tools / weapons in readily available locations - don't store something you might need in an hurry at the bottom of the pack.

And also...

How to put on a pack safely.

How to safely remove a pack on the trail.

And lastly, how you pack a backpack for a woman differs slightly from how to pack a backpack for a man.

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