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10 More Thinking Out Of The Box Camping Tips

If you enjoyed my list of 10 Out Of The Box Camping Tips well then you are in luck. Here are 10 more camping tips!

#1. Make a mini first aid kit (and have a bigger first aid kit with your main gear).

#2. Make pancakes with pre-made pancake mix using shortening and dry milk. This way you don't need to bring milk and only need an egg and water.

#3. Add bundles of sage to your campfire to keep mosquitoes away.

#4. Bring couscous instead of rice or pasta. For couscous you just add boiled water and stir.

#5. Freeze gallon jugs of water and place them in your cooler. Keeps everything cold and you brought plenty of water.

#6. Bring an old fashioned Boy Scouts survival guide - it has tonnes of survival tips in it that even your kids can learn easily. Everything from knots to a variety of skills that are are very handy to learn.

#7. Leave large animals alone. Even a moose or elk can trample you to death.

#8. Fill a bag with water and several warm rocks from the fire (warms up the water) and then poke some small holes in the bag while it is hanging from a tree to have a shower.

#9. Need privacy at la toilet? Pick your campsite carefully before setting up camp and choose a place close to a copse of trees or bushes that affords more privacy.

#10. Don't go camping with a baby. Just don't. Wait until they are at least potty trained first.

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