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Archery Craft Toronto Recurve Bow - How much is it worth?

"Hello sir,

My father owns this bow and would like to sell it, we would like to know its value approximately.

Its a 32/19 and 59 longer, Archery Craft Toronto.

Thank you very much
Carole L."

Hello Carole!

Okay so when trying to sell a bow you need to supply at lot of photos showing the following parts of the bow:

  • Front and back of the top tips.
  • Front and back of the bottom tips.
  • Left and right profile of the top limb.
  • Left and right profile of the bottom limb.
  • Front, back, left and right profiles of the riser.
  • 4 photos of the full bow shot from different angles.

So at least 16 photos and they should all be high resolution photographs.

Send me those and I will give you a more accurate estimate.

The reason potential buyers need that is because we need to know if the tips, limbs or riser are damaged, cracked or twisted. It is strongly recommended that collectors don't buy any bow that doesn't have all the necessary photos showing its condition - and a person looking to sell needs to please the collectors, because they are the people who are willing to bid more on them in an auction.

Also helps to know the poundage, model and year of the bow.

Judging by that photo it could be worth $50 or it could be worth $200. Or more depending on its age / model rarity. Impossible to tell without seeing all of it in more detail.

Charles Moffat

"Ok I understand, thank you very much for your response :)

Carole L."

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