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How to Build a Primitive Shelter with Wood

Below are several videos on this subject of "How to Build a Primitive Shelter".

If possible you will want to have:

  • An axe or similar tool for cutting wood. eg. A saw or bow saw.
  • A knife or similar cutting tool.
  • Cordage, such as twine or something similar which makes a strong cord - eg. Cutting a plastic bottom into a long length of plastic cord is possible if you have a knife handy.
  • Other tools would be potentially be handy, like a hand drill.
There are literally hundreds of ways to build a primitive shelter, but today we will focus on several methods using wood. (In the future I may add other posts about making shelters using clay, sod, stones, snow/ice and other materials.)

Method #1. Branches, Bark and an Air Vent

Older Version, similar video.

Method #2. The Log Hut

Method #3. A Winter Shelter with a Heat Reflecting Wall

Method #4. A Root Cordage Primitive Shelter

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