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The Toronto Tool Library

Nobody paid me to post this. I just happen to like the idea.

The Toronto Tool Library is just like what it sounds like. See https://torontotoollibrary.com/ to learn more about it.

You go to one of the locations, pick up any tools you need just like you would library books, and then return the tools after using them.

Using "tool libraries" saves people money.

An example shown on their website is as follows:

"One of our most popular tools – cordless nail gun – has been borrowed a remarkable 108 times. By sharing this single tool, which retails at $299.00, our members have saved over $32,000!"

The premise is so simple it is amazing it hasn't been done until now.

Years ago I came up with an idea for a Tool Workshop which worked like a gym membership. People pay a monthly membership fee and then can use the tools in the workshop. Instructors in the workshop are available (sort of like personal trainers) to help people to safely use the tools. There is a problem however, my idea called for people transporting whatever project they were working on to the workshop and storing it in a locker and taking it home with them eventually. Transportation could be an issue, depending on the size of the project.

The Toronto Tool Library takes it a step further, allowing people to borrow the tools and take them home for working on whatever project they need the tools for. That solves the problem of project storage, and also providing the space for people to work in.

They also have a number of other services.


The Toronto Tool Library also hosts events, listed on their website at http://torontotoollibrary.com/workshops/ which includes training programs, free community nights, and community projects.

3D Printing and 2D Laser Cutting

Youth Programs

And more...a

Now there is of course a membership fee, just like my workshop gym membership fee idea. The basic membership starts at $55.

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