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Geodesic Homes

Geodesic domes were heavily promoted by inventor and architect Buckminster Fuller during the 1950s and while they did get off the drawing board at the time, they were never a huge financial success due to costly manufacturing processes at the time.

However times have since changed. It is now much more economical to build (or buy) a geodesic home.

Step 1. Order prefabricated pieces for your geodesic home. (Or build the pieces yourself.)

Step 2. Build a foundation the right size for your new home.

Step 3. Assemble all the pieces on top of your foundation.

Step 4. Add internal wiring and plumbing, and you are basically done.

Below are 9 examples of geodesic dome homes and also a geodesic treehouse someone made.

Plus the Geodesic Treehouse!

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