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Bowyer Lessons with Mike Meusel, Part Zero

I will soon be taking lessons in bow making with Mike Meusel, a local bowyer in Toronto who teaches bow making. For each lesson I am planning to post photos of the progress made, and possibly videos of the process.

For those people who like DIY projects, learning to make your own bow for archery is a pretty good skill to have, and an enjoyable experience in my opinion. Having made bows since the age of 10 (many of my early bows broke easily) I have never NOT enjoyed making a bow. Even if it breaks I still enjoyed making it.

Thus it will be interesting to be making bows and have actual lessons in the craft.

For those who don't have a local bowyer to help you out, I recommend the following books:

The Traditional Bowyer's Bible - Volumes I, II, III and IV. Yep, four volumes of amazing-ness. Worth every penny.

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