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Falconry Videos

I have found some spectacular falconry videos on YouTube. I have posted my favourites below, including a few quotes from one of the videos.

"I just like watching them."

"I haven't taught this bird how to hunt. I just taught it to let me watch it hunt."

"We are the dog." [Referring to being the flusher of rabbits, for the bird.]

"She's the master, we're the servant."

The video below is based in the USA, so when they refer to apprentice times, state and federal regulations/etc, they are referring to requirements for falconry in the USA.

What I also find interesting is that many trained falcons are rescues, meaning they were found injured and trained so that they can later be released into the wild.

The video below shows a peregrine falcon hunting a duck, with a tiny back cam on the falcon so you can see how they do it.

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