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My Bowhunting / Archery Magazines Collection

Okay so I have quite a few archery books, but honestly - I have waaaaaay more magazines on the topic, mostly pertaining to bowhunting.

So I decided today to make a list of all my magazines thus far. (I have a subscription to one of them.)

I should also note that an article I wrote years ago was published earlier this year in Archery Focus Magazine. Which is ironic because I have never even SEEN that magazine in person in Canada. No stores in Canada seem to sell it. I managed to do this small feat of archery thanks to knowing the editor socially, he is a fellow archery instructor I have consulted with in the past. (I do have a great book of his though, "Precision Archery", which I totally recommend buying, regardless of what style of archery you practice.)

So back to the topic at hand... Let me grab a pile of magazines and lets get this Archery Magazine list started.

Note - In the future I want to add more notes to this page about articles I found to be particular useful / interesting. For now I just want to make the list. I can add detailed notes later when I have more time.

Traditional Bowhunter Magazine
2018 Dec-Jan - Food Plots, Hawaiian Quiver, Arctic Gear (they send out upcoming magazines well ahead of schedule. It is November and already I have received the Dec-Jan issue in the mail.)

2017 Oct-Nov - Flemish Twist Bowstring

2017 Aug-Sep - Better Anchoring, the Crescent Arrowhead

2017 Jun-Jul - Obsidian Arrowheads, Archery Golf

2017 Apr-May - Refurbishing Wood Arrows
2017 Feb-Mar - Two Piece Recurve Bow
2017 Dec-Jan - Brain Tanned Knife Sheath, Aesthetics of Hunting
2016 Oct-Nov - I really love the cover painting on this one. I even wrote emails back and forth to the editor about it. 
* I seem to have misplaced Jun-Jul and Aug-Sep 2015, I cannot find them.*
2016 Apr-May - Backing a Bow with Turkey Feathers

2016 Feb-Mar -  Backing a Bow with Snakeskin
2016 Dec-Jan - Restoring Old Bows

2015 Oct-Nov - Stone Points, History of the Deflex-Reflex Bow
* I seem to have misplaced Aug-Sep 2015, I cannot find it. *

2015 Jun-Jul - Brain Tanned Quiver, Part 1

2015 Apr-May - Dogwood Arrows

2015 Feb-Mar - Paper Tuning
2015 Dec-Jan  - Repairing 3D Targets

2014 Oct-Nov - Lovely painting on the cover
2014 Aug-Sep - Simple Spine Tester

Notes - So Traditional Bowhunter is the only one of the magazines that I have a subscription for. So I know the magazines that are missing are *somewhere*, I am just not sure where. Possibly tucked into a bigger archery book. Perhaps under some other book, alone and forgotten. Maybe all 3 of the missing magazines are hiding some place together. Won't know until I find them.

As you may have guessed Traditional Bowhunter (aka TradBow) publishes 6 times per year. I forget what the subscription cost is, but it is well worth it.

TradArchers' World Magazine
Fall 2014 - Plains Indian Sinew Backed Bow, Part 1
Winter 2014 - Plains Indian Sinew Backed Bow, Part 2
Spring 2015 - History of the Steel Bow
Summer 2015 - Laminated Recurve Part 1
Fall 2015 - Jerry Simmons Obituary (Master Tracker and Hunter), Laminated Recurve Part 2
Winter 2015 - Laminated Recurve Part 3
Spring 2016 - Building a Bow Quiver, Scottish Longbows
Fall 2017 - Longbow Ground Blinds, Accuracy Tips by Bob Wesley

Note - For people who are into bowmaking, TradArchers' World is good magazine to be reading. Published 4 times per year this is a magazine I should probably get a subscription to, but I have not bothered as of yet to do so. Probably a good idea to get it as it has more articles about bowmaking and equipment making than Traditional Bowhunter does.

Bowhunting World Magazine
Jun 2015 - 2015 Equipment Guide, #3
Sep 2015 - 2015 Equipment Guide, #4
Mar 2017 - 2017 Equipment Guide, #1

Note - Bowhunting World Magazine (BWM) publishes equipment guides multiple times per year. I really only buy it for the equipment reviews, which are mostly related to compound bows. I do however wish that they only published one big guide only once per year instead of splitting it up. I wouldn't bother getting a subscription to this one. I usually only try to buy a compound bow equipment guide once per year.

Petersen's Bowhunting Magazine
Mar 2014 - 2014 Equipment Guide
Jan-Feb 2015 - Practice Hunting by looking for Shed Antlers
Jun 2015 - Clutch Shots, Practicing Tips, Target Durability Tests
Jan 2016 - 2016 Equipment Guide
Jun 2016 - How to Paper Tune, Cam Synchronizing, Boosting Accuracy using Tuning Tricks

Note - While Petersen's Bowhunting (PBM) does offer annual equipment guides (usually during the winter), they also sometimes have useful articles about bowhunting skills and tuning compound bows. (Maybe someday I might publish something in their magazine about compound bow repair, as it seems like a topic many compound shooters could learn about.)

If I had to choose, I think the PBM's equipment guides are better. They also have more actual useful archery tips when compared to BWM. It might make some good sense for me to get a subscription to PBM.

Ontario Out of Doors (OOD) Magazine
Aug 2015 - includes article "Way of the Bow"

Note - I normally don't buy OOD Magazine. I made an exception because of the title article being promoted on the front cover. Most of the time the magazine is about rifle hunting and fishing, so I usually skip it. I probably should read more articles about fishing however, so there are some benefits to that I suppose.

Publishing in Archery Magazines

A little goal for me to do... try to publish articles in all the magazines listed above. I have already scratched off Archery Focus Magazine from the list, so might as well try and see if other people like my writing.

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