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Food Wars vs Revenge Food

Okay, so here is the deal.

I am really tired of hearing people argue about food and fur.

Yes, we get it. Vegans don't like it when people hunt for food, trap for food/fur, or use leather/antlers or other animal byproducts.

I personally have no problem with people eating what they kill and using the fur, leather, antlers, bones, and anything else they can salvage. eg. Deer sinew is handy for bowmaking.

But I do have a problem with having to hear about it from nitwits who are trying to force their beliefs on to other people.

So the deal I have made with myself is that every time someone annoys me with their whole "fur is evil" or "hunting is evil" arguments, I go and eat a cute fuzzy animal. I call it The Revenge Food Principle. Every time someone annoys me, I go eat a cute animal as revenge.

The more annoyed they make me, the cuter the animal is.

Rabbits, lambs, deer... they are all on the menu.

I even found several lists of places where I can go eat locally here in Toronto:




* I decided to add duck to the list because I personally find them to be really cute. The meat is really greasy, but I will just have to deal with it however. I think on a cuteness scale however, a nice young lamb is still cuter however. Rabbits also very cute, so ducks will only be eaten if I am mildly annoyed.

Look how cute this duck is? And tasty! I very much want to eat it.

So here is the plan.

Every time a vegan treehugger pisses me off I am going to eat one of the above mentioned food items. Or maybe I will finally get my hunting license and get into small game hunting. Either way, more food for my belly.

Also, every time they piss me off I am also going to add their names here. In the Hall of Cute but Tasty Food Shame. And to prove that these are real people I will be posting links to their Facebook profiles / etc.

I might even go a step further and post photos of any animals I kill with me holding up a sign that says "I killed this rabbit for you Jenny Patterson."

The Hall of Cute but Tasty Food Shame

Jenny Patterson so far has killed 2 cute widdle animals.

Andy Niko has killed 1 so far. I am thinking a rabbit. I have never had rabbit before.


December 27th 2017
Aleah Hall of Toronto has killed 1 duck and 1 lamb so far by annoying me. If she annoys me again I am thinking I will add pork to the menu.

So yeah... go ahead. Annoy me. I have 34 bows, an untold number of arrows, and I keep telling myself I should get my hunting license. So if going out to restaurants to eat rabbit, lamb and duck gets too expensive I will just get my hunting license and add venison to the menu.

Tonight my wife and I are going out to dinner at a restaurant. Some place that serves lamb. I have a sudden hankering to eat lamb for some reason. You can thank Jenny Patterson for that.


Absolutely, feel free to post annoying comments. I will respond by killing another cute widdle animal. Go ahead. Make my tasty food.

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