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Bowfishing Spots in SW Ontario

So I have been trying to create a map for use by people who are into bowfishing in Ontario.

The trick to this is fishermen sometimes don't like to share their favourite fishing locations. Which is sad, because our chosen prey for bowfishing is CARP - an invasive species the Ontario government wants killed off.

Which means bowfishers should really be sharing this information so that we can help each other to eradicate carp. Below is a list of locations I recommend checking out:

  • Sixteen Mile Creek, near Oakville.
  • Guelph Lake Conservation Area, near Guelph. Especially near the dam bridge.
  • Conestogo Lake Conservation Area, near Dorking. Below the dam.
  • Listowel, river in the park east of the hospital.
  • Ayr, Ninth River.
So yeah, no map at present. But if you want to recommend places to go bowfishing please leave a comment below.

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