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The Cottage with Sliding Walls

The cottage in the video below moves, expands and has sliding walls. The architect who made it (for his mother) tends to ramble and repeat himself (something I do myself sometimes), but the concept is an interesting one.

What this home is missing however becomes pretty clear:

#1. A proper kitchen.

#2. A bathroom with a sink, toilet and shower.

#3. A large living space for entertaining guests.

#4. Additional bedrooms.

#5. The space is very narrow.

#6. Don't bother buying lots of stuff. There is very little storage space to be had. No library of books for example.

How could this be design be improved upon?

#1. Instead of 4 sections that slide, have 8 or 10. This would allow for additional rooms containing a kitchen, bathroom, library, etc.

#2. Make the width of the structure bigger. As demonstrated by the architect, a single person can move the individual sections by pulling with 1 hand. By making the sections wider this would add a lot more space in terms of width and it wouldn't feel so narrow and cramped.

#3. Additional structures could be made adjacent to this structure that houses the bathroom, kitchen, etc - but that would require leaving this building and going outside to a different building just to use the bathroom. Not very practical.

#4. Make the sliding section the upper floor of the structure, with the lower floor being stationary and containing all the plumbing - kitchen, bathroom, etc. They could even add extra bedrooms and a 2nd floor balcony if they wanted to.

Note - To make the first floor more interesting it could be built into the side of a hill to offer more insulation, for easier heating and cooling.


At present this cottage is a nice novelty, but it isn't practical to be living in long term. The design definitely needs improvements.

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