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Canadian Tire Archery Equipment / Solar Panels

Okay, so here is the thing.

Canadian Tire does sell a variety of archery equipment, but what they have available varies a lot in terms of quality and supply. Most of the time the equipment you are looking for isn't even in the store, and you can only order it online via:


However there is a further complication.

Recently due to COVID and increased demand on Canadian Tire's online sales they sometimes suspend online sales completely, which means you have to go to the store in person just to order what you are looking for.

At which point sales staff at the help desk are somewhat annoyed that you are bothering them in the first place and are wondering "Why don't you just order it online?"

At which point you have to explain: "The Canadian Tire website says online sales are suspended due to too much demand, and it says we should go to the store."

So there you are... At the store, trying to order something from online, which should have just been available online in the first place. Or even better, it should have been available in the store in the first place.

If you've ever tried to buy certain things at Canadian Tire you may have noticed a discrepancy. Certain items that are available in the online store can never be found in the physical stores. You can ONLY order them online for delivery / pick up at the store.


Which is really annoying.

What if you have questions about installation. There is literally no staff in the store who know anything about installing solar panels.

What they really need is:

1. A display aisle dedicated just to solar panels.

2. A sales person behind a desk in the aisle who is available to answer questions regarding both solar panel and wind turbines. They can also answer questions about battery power and power inverters.

Honestly, why would any beginners wishing to install solar panels bother to go via Canadian Tire for buying the gear? The only source of help is the website. They don't even sell an installation guidebook or anything like that, beyond any documents that come with the individual parts you are buying. So you really have to do all the research yourself and there is no guidance.

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