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Researching Vintage Bows = Research Fee

I was recently contacted by someone asking me to research their recently purchased vintage Browning recurve bow for them. Specifically they wanted to know what year it was made.

Right away I realized what they were asking would take hours of my time and I frankly do not have the time right now to be researching other people's stuff for them. I have my own stuff to do, a toddler, deadlines, work, a wife, a social life, and I don't have time to waste on researching other people's stuff unless I am being paid for it.

Due to time constraints I explained to the person that I would need to charge a research fee ($40 CDN) for my time and effort on this, and all I could really promise them is that it will be a date range (eg. "circa 1975" or circa 1973 to 1978). There is no guarantee I would be able to pinpoint the exact year it was made despite the hours of research required.

If paying someone a research fee for their time is objectionable to you then you can research it yourself and I wish you luck in your search.

Have a good day!

Charles Moffat


PS. There is a wonderful search engine called "Google". I recommend people try using it. Otherwise when you contact someone and you're asking them to research something for you then you should just immediately mention MONEY* and explain that you don't want to waste their time and are happy to reward them for their time.

* Payment in advance. I am not running a charity.

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