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What It Takes To Balance Rocks

By Aimee Rimes

#1. Concentration

Rock balancing requires concentration and an open heart and mind. Anyone can do rock balancing and at any skill level. Connecting with the rocks allows you to concentrate and focus on the moment and is very relaxing. The rocks allow for creative play from stone prophets as I like to call them, or as referred to as stone towers, they speak for themselves and all around if you listen to them; to smaller designs that are uniquely creative and often tell a story and demonstrate one’s ability to concentrate whiling creatively playing with the rocks, often the smaller ones are made by children and women, while the more experienced and stronger people can go for the bigger stone towers.

#2 It Takes Patience

When you allow yourself the time for creative space and have a few hours to breath out in nature, you would be surprised what nature can reveal to you. In honoring nature and what she does for us can allow you to feel better and relax. While contemplating doing some more rock balancing, and honoring the space, I found myself able to find more freedom even in just the sitting with nature and being present. Where normally I would want to jump right in and balance rocks, I decide I would just sit with them, and the space, the water and the fresh air. Later, I found others enjoying the space with me, and a baby came along playing on the rocks and I was playing in the sand. Then while making a sand painting on the rocks, the baby came right over and lied belly down right on rocks and was having a great time. Sometimes, just holding the space and time to allow things to happen, things will just happen all on their own. To do rock balancing and sometimes to do nothing but be present with yourself; it takes patience. What will happen may be a blessing all on its own, only time and patience will tell.

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