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Imported Canada Rock Art Balancing to Project Gridless

Okay so today I decided to do two things:

#1. I added a new section for "Artwork" as many people who are into building their own off grid homes are often artists in one form or another.

#2. I decided to export my old blog called "Canada Rock Art Balancing" and imported it to Project Gridless, and get rid of the old blog - or more precisely, the old blog now redirects to the "Artwork" topic on PG.

So here goes...

Rock Balancing is a fun activity I was introduced to years ago by my then-girlfriend Aimee Rimes, and it makes for interesting but temporary sculptures. As such it is well suited to the off grid community who love to build things with rocks, and are not necessarily worried about whether something lasts forever. It makes total sense for me to import my old blog since I don't update it very often and it meshes well with Project Gridless. It makes for a fun activity and challenge. It is also a fun thing to do in a flower garden or even a rock garden if you have lots of rocks available.

  • Not all the posts are about rocks specifically and are other items being balanced.
  • A few of the posts are written by Aimee Rimes.
  • Some of the old posts are dated according to the day they were balanced, others have specific titles.

Here they are:

Rock Art Balancing, August 8th 2014

Rock Balancing, August 1st 2014

More Rock Balancing, July 30th 2014

Rock Balancing, July 30th 2014

Rock Balancing, July 22nd 2014

Balancing Kitchen Items and Cookware

Rock Balancing Video

What It Takes To Balance Rocks

Rock Balancing in the Garden

Rocks Balanced in Oval

#1 Connecting With Nature

More photos from April 24th, 2011

April 23rd and 24th, 2011: Rock Balancing at Toronto Beaches

April 30th, encounters with rock balancers

In the beginning there was rocks...

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