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Welcome to Project Gridless!

Hello! Project Gridless is dedicated to off the grid living, foraging / hunting / gardening for food, traditional survival skills and modern tips for alternative energy. Please Follow, Subscribe or Like.

youtube.com/ProjectGridless + 300 Posts of Project Gridless

So youtube.com/ProjectGridless is the custom URL for the Project Gridless YouTube Channel.

I have been meaning to work on the YouTube Channel lately, to make some kind of start video with a logo, and an end credits video, which together would form bookends for each video to make it look all professional. So when I manage to make those, I will be adding them to my YouTube Channel.

I have also been studying what other people are doing with their videos... YouTube Channels like:

  • Townends
  • Outdoor Boys
  • Catfish and Carp
  • Coalcracker Bushcraft
  • Ontario Off Grid
  • Fouch Family Off Grid
  • My Self Reliance
  • Primitive Technology
  • And more...

And what I like about these channels is that they all have somewhat different methods of making videos, and pros and cons of each.

The guy from Primitive Technology for example never talks. This works well for him because he does a pretty good job demonstrating his methods of building things.

On the other hand Luke from both Outdoor Boys and Catfish and Carp (he has two channels) is pretty funny and his kids are funny too, so humour is a big part of his channel.

I also like how Townends sometimes interviews people, which is a nice method of talking about different types of off grid / outdoor topics. I would love to be interviewing people about their off grid successes and failures.

So I can see sometimes making videos that are purely demonstration, no talking required, and other times I can see making videos where there is talking - including some funny business. There are benefits to both.

Some of the channels use music during their opening intros / end credits. Some do not. In some the credits are more of a reminder to ask people to subscribe, click Like, etc. Others are less annoying but still do it.

So clearly I need to be reminding people to Subscribe/etc, but I also don't want it to be too annoying. Short and sweet is best.

There is also the issue of the Project Gridless logo.

Should I change it?

I chose this logo years ago because it looked like solar cells from solar panels. I still like that aspect of it. What I don't like is that it looks a bit like 8-bit pixels.

For now I have decided to keep it "as is", but I could be open to changing it in the future to make something more professional looking. Perhaps by simply fixing the pixels issue to make a logo with a smoother look.

300 Posts of Project Gridless

So I recently surpassed 300 posts and didn't notice until today. This post here is technically Post #304.

I also have another post scheduled for May (bringing May's total to 10 posts) and another 8 posts have already been scheduled for June.

My goal in 2018 is to have 10 posts per month, for a total of 120 for the year. So I am scheduling them in advance so I can stay ahead of the schedule.

Having a YouTube Channel, once it gets up and running in a more professional light, might be trickier to keep to exactly 10 posts per month. We shall see. My goal with that is to eventually be making 1 video per week on a variety of outdoor and off grid topics. So roughly 4 blog posts per month would be about the video topic, so only about 6 posts per month should be about other non-video "vanilla" topics.

(Totally Off Topic - Sort of like how Top Gear is both a TV show and a magazine. Sadly, without the three fellas from the TV show who made it great, the magazine is now kind of a dud, because they didn't just lose their TV show presenters, they also lost their best magazine writers. Oh well. Grand Tour is a pretty nice replacement.)

So 300 posts is good, 500 posts is better, and someday I would like to see 1,000.

Meanwhile my CardioTrek.ca site is up to 831 posts. So it will probably reach 1,000 first. Cardio Trek is my website for my primary business, which is teaching archery lessons in Toronto. Some day I will also use that website for any "archery how to books" that I publish. I am currently working on 1 book, with several ideas for other books to follow. I do technically already have 1 archery book published, but it is a poetry book instead of a how to guide. It is called "Dreaming of Zen Archery" and available on Kobo.

Oh to live off grid and make outdoor videos / write books all the time... Oh and do archery and ride horses. That is the true dream.

Keep chasing that dream.

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