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How to turn a Beaver Dam into a source of Electricity

So I was watching the video further below and got an idea. What if a person added an overshot waterwheel generator to the outgoing pipe from draining a beaver pond? Or a water turbine inside the pipe?

It would provide electricity to any nearby home. Cheap renewable electricity.

The 2nd video shows the same pond months later, showing how it is still flowing - and could be providing electricity of the guy in the video (Kevin) had thought of installing a turbine or generator.

And I am apparently not the first person to have had this thought. I found a 3rd video where someone did indeed use pond overflow to provide electricity, roughly 174 volts worth. Actual voltage will no doubt vary on the amount of water flowing through the turbine and the type of turbine being used.

Busting a Beaver Dam and Draining the Pond

Return to the Beaver Pond

Pond Power

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