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Electrical Shed for an Off Grid Home

Having an Electrical Shed for your Off Grid Home is quite handy for a number of reasons.

  1. Really reduces the noise from a gas or diesel generator.
  2. Good place to store the battery system for your solar panels and wind turbines.
  3. Keeps all electrical items separate from your home in case of any sort of electrical fire in the shed.
  4. Keeps all electrical items away from your home in case your off grid home catches fire (due to a non-electrical reason such as from a wood burning stove).
  5. Good place to store tools.
  6. You can put solar panels on the roof of the shed and the wiring required would be minimal.
So yes, lots of benefits to keeping your electrical items away from your Off Grid Home. And vice versa.

Ontario Off Grid

I also found a good series of videos from "Ontario Off Grid" on YouTube which are worth watching.

I don't know if "Ontario Off Grid" has a website, blog or Facebook page - tried looking, but only found sites with the same name but not the same person. The name sadly is a bit generic so multiple people are using that name.

I even did an image search, hoping to find his logo on the website... and the first images to come up were Project Gridless. Irony.

Scrolled down the images, found nada for his logo. So I have left a message on his "Ontario Off Grid" youtube channel asking whether he has a website. Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't.

The shed he built does seem a bit large for 'just a generator shed' so to me it makes sense to just store all of the electrical items (and possibly some tools) in the shed too. If you are going to build a big shed, you might as well use the space for other things too.

So yeah, here are 5 videos from "Ontario Off Grid" covering various aspects of installing a generator in an electrical shed - mostly because it is quieter.

Quiet Generator, Part 1

Quiet Generator, Part 2

Moving Electrical Systems to an Electrical Shed

Insulating the Electrical Shed

Installing a Generator and an Exhaust System in an Electrical Shed

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