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Exploring Hoggs Falls in Ontario

Hoggs Falls is a relatively small (by my standards) waterfalls north of Flesherton (east of Durham Ontario), but a relatively easy one to visit. Not much of a hike to get to it from the entrance. (Unlike say Hilton Falls, which requires a good long hike to reach.)

As such Hoggs Falls requires less exercise, but is also a smaller reward. Hilton Falls is both bigger (and you can walk behind it), but sadly for the more obese people out there will require you to do more exercise to reach the majestic waterfalls.

Still, Hoggs Falls does have a lot to offer, being quite scenic, a good place for fishing, a good place for picnics, and is free. (I should have mentioned last time there is also a parking fee at Hilton Falls.)

Both Hoggs Falls and Hilton Falls (and any other waterfalls I add in the future, seeing as I have a backlog of old waterfalls videos I have yet to add) can be viewed on my YouTube channel Project Gridless.

In theory a person could attempt to walk behind Hoggs Falls, but I would not recommend it. There isn't a big enough gap between the falls and the back wall of stone, and the rocks are rather slippery. In the 2nd video below I managed to get to the base of the falls by tip-toeing across the rocks, but even that was a balancing act.

The videos below were shot in Summer 2014.

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