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Handy Woodworking Tools for DIY Projects

 Below is a list of handtools that every DIY woodworker should have in my opinion, as a person with all these tools will be able to do a wide variety of tasks.

This list is partially for my own personal use, as I have used a check mark (✅) on each of the tools I currently own. I shall be updating this list periodically based on any new tools I acquire.

I have also included definitions of the various woodworking tools and what they are used for.

Last Updated September 18th 2017.
  • Rip Saw - A wood saw that is specially designed for making a rip cut, a cut made parallel to the direction of the wood grain.
  • Bow Saw - A narrow saw stretched like a bowstring on a light frame, used for cutting corners.
  • Jig Saw or Coping Saw - A tiny saw similar to a bow saw, but used for cutting very tiny curves on relatively thin wood. See also Fret Saw. ✅
  • Key Hole Saw - A long, narrow saw used for cutting small, often awkward features in various building materials.
  • Cabinet Saw - A fine tooth saw for making small and precise cuts. ✅
  • Fret Saw - A saw with a narrow blade stretched vertically on a frame, for cutting thin wood in patterns. Similar to a jig saw.
  • Smoothing Plane ✅
  • Level ✅
  • Square ✅
  • Molding / Bevel Plane - Good for creating moldings or bevels in the edges of wood.
  • Wood Mallet - For hammering a chisel. ✅
  • Hand Auger - A type of drill. Powered by alcohol. Wink wink. ✅
  • Stanley 45 or 55 Plane - Able to perform a variety of planing functions (45 or 55 different plane settings).
  • Wood Lathe - While modern wood lathes are motorized and used for turning wood so they can be carved into circular bowls, spindles, etc... it is possible to get a foot powered wood lathe. And I would like one.
Foot Powered Wood Lathe
  • Draw Knife - Used for cutting thicker shavings of wood. ✅
  • Cabinet Scrapers - Useful for removing very fine shavings of wood. I just ordered two of these on September 18th off Etsy, so I guess that is now a ✅
  • A Dowel Making Jig - Used for making nice straight wood dowels... I currently am in the process of building one. It is currently on the backburner however and I will have to finish it later.
  • A Wide Variety of Wood Chisels - For carving wood. ✅
  • A Wide Variety of Rasps and Files - For smoothing the rough edges off of wood. ✅
  • Hatchet - A tiny axe useful for small jobs and finer cuts, easily portable. ✅
  • Broad Axe - For chipping wood away from large logs.

And now we shall pause briefly for a YouTube video by Roy Underhill explaining how to use axes. Because it is entertaining and educational. Looking for more tools to add to your collection? I recommend watching episodes of the Woodwright Shop for ideas.

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