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Purchasing Survival Gear via Amazon.ca

Having recently reviewed the contents of my Bug Out Bag, I have purchased two additional items in order to round out the contents of the bag for possible future use.

Or if nothing bad happens, they'll still be useful for camping gear.

I ordered the items via Amazon.ca, which is beneficial because it means I am not browsing through a brick and mortar store and possibly buying extra things that I don't need...

Because I know what I am like. I would totally buy extra things that I don't need.

The other benefit is that I get free shipping so it is just a matter of waiting and my items should arrive within a few days.

So what did I add to my bug out bag?

  • 1 large reflective "space blanket", which is handy for building a shelter + being used as a physical blanket.
  • 1 LifeStraw, which is handy for filtering water to make sure it is safe to drink.

Plus these are both things I foresee possibly using while camping anyway.

I obviously have lots of other things that are already in my Bug Out Bag, but due to the current tense political situation between the USA and Russia I feel it is prudent to at least add a few extra things in case the worst were to happen.

Not panicking.

Not being paranoid.

Just being prudent and prepared.

I am reminded of the Boy Scouts Motto: "Always be prepared."

Even if nothing happens, it never hurts to be prepared.

And having the option to easily filter drinking water just felt like something I should get, as it is certainly faster than having to boil water to make certain it is safe to drink.

Likewise, having an extra blanket that is well suited for making a shelter or doubling as a reflective blanket makes sense. Combined with everything else I already have it makes me feel more confident that if something really bad did happen, at least that would be two less things to worry about.

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