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How to Find Off Grid Homes, Part 2

Back in 2012 I wrote a blog post titled: How to Find Off Grid Homes. That post became extremely popular, but I feel it was actually short on useful information. Therefore here is an updated version that has more actionable information.

Thus... Part 2!

As our society becomes increasingly aware of the environmental impact of modern living, the desire to disconnect from the grid and embrace sustainable, off-grid living is growing. Off-grid homes offer a unique opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint, live self-sufficiently, and embrace a simpler way of life. However, finding these hidden gems tucked away from mainstream real estate can be a challenge. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best ways to find off-grid homes, allowing you to embark on your journey toward a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.

Online Platforms and Websites:

The digital era has revolutionized the way we search for real estate, and off-grid homes are no exception. Several online platforms cater specifically to the off-grid community, providing a centralized hub for buyers and sellers. Websites such as OffGridWorld.com, LandWatch.com, and SurvivalRealty.com curate listings specifically for off-grid properties, making it easier to find a wide range of options tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Local Real Estate Agents

While online platforms are a great starting point, local real estate agents can provide invaluable knowledge and insights into the off-grid housing market. Engaging with agents specializing in rural or alternative living properties can give you access to exclusive listings that may not be available online. These agents possess local expertise and can guide you through the complexities of purchasing off-grid homes, including legal and logistical considerations.

Network and Community Connections:

Off-grid living is a niche lifestyle embraced by a vibrant and close-knit community. Engaging with like-minded individuals through forums, social media groups, and local meetups can help you tap into a network of individuals who may have insider information on available off-grid properties. Networking can provide access to off-market deals or even opportunities to join existing off-grid communities.

Land Auctions and Government Sales:

Government land auctions and sales can be an excellent way to discover off-grid properties. Federal, state, and local governments periodically sell surplus land, including remote and off-grid parcels. Staying informed about upcoming auctions, checking government websites, and registering for alerts can provide opportunities to bid on land or properties suitable for off-grid living.

Alternative Media Sources:

Exploring alternative media sources can yield unique opportunities when searching for off-grid homes. Magazines, newspapers, and online publications focused on sustainability, homesteading, and eco-living often feature advertisements and articles highlighting off-grid properties. Subscribing to these publications or visiting their websites can expand your search beyond conventional channels and introduce you to hidden gems.

DIY and Homesteading Networks:

The off-grid lifestyle often goes hand-in-hand with self-sufficiency, homesteading, and DIY culture. Connecting with local DIY and homesteading communities can introduce you to individuals who have established off-grid properties or may be in the process of selling. Attending workshops, seminars, or conferences centered around sustainable living can open doors to off-grid opportunities and provide valuable insights from experienced individuals.


Finding the perfect off-grid home requires a combination of resourcefulness, networking, and research. By utilizing online platforms, engaging with local real estate agents, networking with like-minded individuals, exploring government sales, following alternative media sources, and tapping into DIY and homesteading communities, you can significantly enhance your chances of discovering your dream off-grid home. Embracing sustainable living and disconnecting from the grid can be a transformative experience, allowing you to live in harmony with nature while reducing your environmental impact. Happy hunting for your ideal off-grid sanctuary!

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