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How to make Flatbread and other types of bread off the grid

So in the first video below the chef from "Food Wishes" demonstrates how to make flatbread, which as he points out was originally made on large flat rocks that were heated on hot coals of a fire.

However you can just as easily make your flatbread in a cast iron skillet (again over hot coals) or on a wood stove or electric stove.

The second and third videos are from "Coalcracker Bushcraft" and show how to make biscuits and camp bread, also over a fire but using a Dutch Oven instead.

A Dutch Oven is a handy off grid device because they are meant to be used with hot coals on top of the lid and help heat whatever is inside more evenly.

How to make Biscuits in a Dutch Oven over a Fire

How to make Camp Bread in a Dutch Oven over a Fire

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