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Zombie Apocalypse Tactics #1: To Hoard or Distribute Firearms

So I decided to start a new series of posts dubbed "Zombie Apocalypse Tactics".

It is really more of a fun series of posts, but I am hoping it will get people thinking about what methods are the best way to survive in similar post-apocalyptic scenarios.

So here goes...

Should you hoard or distribute firearms during a a Zombie Apocalypse?

So imagine you are sitting on a stockpile of firearms. ie. You own a gun store or perhaps you just collect firearms. The Zombie Apocalypse starts, should you:

A. Barricade yourself inside your gun shop and wait out the disaster, only to emerge later and kill as many zombies as you can?


B. Start handing out free firearms and ammo to any would-be "Zombie Slayers" in the community?

So there are pros and cons to both strategies.

In Option A you run the dangers of running low on food, getting injured or sick and having nobody to help you, having no allies, and when you eventually emerge from your gun shop you will be alone against a giant hoard of zombies.

In Option B you run the risk of people you give guns to turning on you and stealing your guns, stealing your food, murdering you, etc. But on the plus side, fostering a community of Zombie Slayers around you could make your small town or neighbourhood "zombie free" as a well armed community will be able to kill lots of zombies, purge the region of zombies, and be better able to feed themselves, find supplies and can rely upon a commodity system wherein bullets are effectively the new currency.

If you run low on food or supplies, you just buy some from your neighbours.

Injured or sick? More likely to be a doctor, nurse or medic amongst the survivors if you managed to save the community using your stockpile of guns and ammo.

Get attacked by a rival community of survivors? If your group of survivors is well armed they will be better able to withstand such an attack. Having allies is useful. Being alone against a rival group of survivors makes you easy pickings no matter how well armed you are.

To me Option B is the clear choice, even though it comes with a few risks. The risks of being isolated and alone with Option A is simply not worth it. The pros of Option A outweigh the risks.

What do you think is the best option in that scenario? Post your thoughts in the comments.

The right tool for the job? Or just silliness that will reduce the accuracy of your bullets?

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