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The Best Exercises when Living Off the Grid

Happy New Year!

So you are living off the grid in the wilderness somewhere - in our case that would be northern Ontario - and you want to stay physically fit.

So how do you do it? Well, here is a list of 20 ways to exercise off the grid which won't require any electricity.

#1. Chopping firewood and stacking the wood in piles.

#2. Snowshoeing.

#3. Skiing.

#4. Shoveling snow out of the driveway.

#5. Go outside and build something.

#6. Take the dog for a walk.

#7. Cycling.

#8. Swimming (probably best to do this in the summer).

#9. Build your own exercise equipment (the building process alone is exercise).

 #10. Weightlifting.

#11. Hiking.

#12. Gardening / Landscaping.

#13. Birdwatching / Outdoor Photography - which oddly enough involves a lot of walking and hiking.

#14. Exploration.

#15. Spelunking / Cave Exploration.

#16. Rock Climbing / Tree Climbing.

#17. Build a Zip Line between two high points. (You should really research how to build Zip Lines properly before attempting and get someone with more experience with building Zip Lines to help.)

#18. Garbage cleanup - just go around your property and clean up the place. Sometimes debris builds up over time.

#19. Build a stone wall or staircase for your property.

#20. Horseback riding / Equestrian archery. My personal favourite.

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