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Crossbow Bowstrings and How to Replace Them


Hi there!

I have a vintage " Barnett wildcat C5 crossbow " the string's broken needs being replaced , can you fix it ?

If okay, please let Me know. (I also will need direction and working hours.)

Thank You


Hello Kamal!

I don't make new bowstrings, but I know who does.

Ballistic Bowstrings is a company just north of Toronto near Bradford.


Below: Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow


Hi Charles ,

Thanks for reply, regarding my request.

Because I don't have technical information, is it possible for you to order the right string for me and I bring my crossbow to you to get fixed?

In case you accept, you order for me and I can e-transfer the cost in advance to you (if I know how much I need to send). If this doesn't work, can you lead me to any place where I can fix my crossbow please?



Hey Kamal!

So I have taken the liberty of looking up the technical specs for a Barnett Wildcat C5 for you.

I have zero experience ordering crossbow strings from manufacturers. I usually make my own crossbow strings or buy bowstrings that are premade. The amount of effort required to make them is not worth my time.

Barnett Wildcat C5 Crossbow Specs and Technical Info

  • Aluminum Riser
  • CNC Machined 7/8" Picatinny Rail
  • Gas Assist Molded Composite Stock
  • CROSSWIRE String and Cable System
  • High Definition Camo Finish
  • 26" Axle to Axle
  • Manufacturer, Barnett
  • Cocking Device, Crank Optional
  • Velocity, Up to 320 fps
  • Foot Pounds of Energy, 91
  • Power Stroke, 12.25"
  • Mass Weight, 8 lbs
  • Draw Weight, 150 lbs
  • Length, 36"
  • Width, 28"

If you only need the bowstring replaced you can just order it online from various sources:

Possible Sources



If it is the cables which are damaged, then you should possibly contact Barnett directly. You can do so at http://www.barnettcrossbows.com


I don't fix crossbows. I do make my own crossbows for fun, but I typically only repair compound bows. Or as I like to call it, "compound bow surgery".


Follow Up Thank You

Hi Dear Charles,

Thanks for reply, I fixed the crossbow. Of course it was because of your helpful information and leading me to company called "Ballistic Bowstrings". They're professional (but retired) couple doing work at home.
They charged me 150 bucks for material and labor and it is good now. Again I appreciate your help and advice. God bless you and thanks again.

Kind Regards

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