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Two Ways you can Start a Fire using a Rasp

One of the most basic and important survival skills is how to start a fire.

One of the methods I especially like is using a rasp, which, I admit requires you to actually have a rasp handy... but has the added advantage that you can make a fire even in the rain and using wood that is partially wet (although not waterlogged wood, that would be well nigh impossible).

Note - See the second video below for the method that allows you to start a fire using damp wood. The first video does not show that.

Plus rasps are an useful tool for bowmaking, so another bonus.

Method #1 to Start a Fire

The video below demonstrates one way to use a rasp to start a fire - with help from a rock. And despite a bit of clumsiness on his part, he does manage to start a fire. Proof that anyone can do it.

Method #2 to Start a Fire

The second video below demonstrates how to turn an old rasp into an useful knife, which likewise can be used as both a knife and as a rasp - and for making fire, using a slightly different method of producing a spark. So triple the usage. The video below is from "Outdoor Boys".

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