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"I cut my bowstring. Can you fix it for me?"

Two years ago (January 2021) I had a guy contact me asking me to fix his crossbow and he said he had been struggling to string it and when he couldn't string it properly he "had to" cut the bowstring... And he was asking me if I could fix the bowstring and then string the crossbow for him.

So I read his email, with a degree of amusement, and then didn't bother to answer his email because I wasn't sure how to answer it without sounding very rude and condescending to him about cutting the bowstring.
Frankly I don't like to be rude to people, largely because it is unnecessary.

I also don't like "not answering emails" either, because that is also rude, in my opinion, but in his case it was a situation wherein I was damned either way.

But you see my point right?
Sometimes I just have to shrug and then not answer an email from a potential client because the person is apparently not that bright to know you cannot just glue a bowstring back together. It doesn't work that way. Once cut the bowstring is basically garbage.
But I wanted to rant about this on my blog Project Gridless, but I couldn't do so at the time because the guy obviously reads the blog and might get offended that I was talking about him.
So here I am ranting.
The difference however is that I wrote and scheduled this post two years ago. I wrote this in January 2021, on Wednesday the 13th, and then I scheduled it two years in advance to appear on January 13th 2023.

I figure by then the guy who cut his bowstring will have done two things: 1. He will have replaced the bowstring by buying a new one. 2. He will have realized you cannot just glue bowstrings back together and that what he was asking for was actually really funny.

It would be like going to Canadian Tire and saying: "Hey, I set the tires on my car on fire... Can you like repair the tires and then put them back on the car? No, I don't want new tires. I just want you to repair the old tires and then put them on the car."

See my point?

Yep, very funny.

But because I don't like being rude to people I decided to delay the publication of this blog post for two years.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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