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Broken Jennings Compound Bow - Totalled, Write-Off

Email from someone with a broken compound bow looking for repairs:

Hi: Would you be able to fix (replace) a broken limb on a Jennings Speed Master XLR? 

- John.

My Response:

Hey John!
Thanks for the photos.
So I am looking at it and I would have to say that the limb is a write-off. Zero chance of repairing that. Depending on the shape / materials, it is sometimes possible to try and make a replica of the limbs - but doing so in this case would be cost prohibitive. So expensive that it is more than the cost of just buying a new bow, with no guarantee that the new limb would bend properly just like the old limb.
You have two options:
A) Try to find the same model of bow which has the limbs intact that you can use for spare parts. At least then the limb would bend the correct amount.
B) Sell your bow for spare parts.
If you decide for the latter I recommend stripping the quiver and the sight off of it and I will give you $20 for the rest of it. I can use the pieces for repairing the bows of other people in the future.
Charles Moffat

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